I have always lived in cities (currently Amsterdam/LA) and so my dose of adventure ranges from urban local adventures to those in far off places. Besides the Explorer Grand Slam and mountaineering, I am an avid traveler, skier, hiker, yogi, meditator, and just generally love being outside in nature.  I have traveled to 40 countries, most of those as solo travel trips, hiked the Rim2Rim2Rim of the Grand Canyon (50 miles +/-) in 19 hours, swam where piranhas and anacondas dwell in the Amazon, have my advanced diving certification, done my share of bungee jumping and sky diving and explored 6 of our 7 continents, CANNOT wait for Antarctica-saved the best for last :)

I grew up in a very humble household with a lot of financial struggle, needless to say travel and adventure was not a common thing for me or a priority in my family. Yet, as a kid my dream was always to visit the 7 continents and my favorite pastime as a child was to play with a globe and plan imaginary trips around the world; not knowing much about each destination, but letting my mind go wild with possibility. It's now part of a life journey to see and experience as much of the world as my life allows me to. Every experience is such a gift and I am incredibly grateful each time I get to step out of my comfort zone and explore something or somewhere new. It’s not something I can ever take for granted.

Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.
— -Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland