Changing Narratives-On She Goes Podcast

I had the honor of being on the On She Goes Podcast in November. On She Goes is a digital travel platform that helps women of color travel more confidently, more adventurously, and more often.

They are contributing fresh perspectives from women of color to the travel industry, culture, and the world.

We had a dynamic conversation on how a Latina girl from LA somehow found herself climbing the world's highest peaks, starting from zero when not being able to run a mile, using my voice for activism, and the diversity that is still needed in the adventure space.

While there have been efforts made to increase more people of color in the adventure and outdoors space with ambassadors and advertising, there is still little effort made to diversify athlete teams in this space. Since Everest 2013 I have experienced many brands saying they want to be more diverse, yet not stepping out of their comfort zone and partnering with a diverse athlete such as myself. Across the board, most brands with outdoor/adventure sport athletes remain all pretty much the same and lacking diversity in the number of women represented and with little to no people of color represented. With 3 expeditions remaining to complete the Explorer Grand Slam and other adventures planned, I look forward to the opportunity to keep creating new narratives for all women to know anything is possible for them, even if they don’t see someone that looks like them there yet. Visible leadership is extremely important to me in everything I do and also what we strive for at She Ventures.

As I look back on 10 years of adventure, I’m ever so grateful for the constant opportunity to face my fears, step out of my comfort zone, break through new barriers, use my voice for good, change the perception of what a “explorer or adventurer” might look like, and to help others realize their extraordinary is always possible and to never limit themselves or their endless potential.

Take a listen!