Movement and Ritual

I’m a better human, girl boss , friend, lover-everything when I have movement in my life.
— Georgina Miranda

Movement and ritual. Movement has been a necessary ritual in my life for over a decade. What that looks like varies day to day. For many years my movement was to train for big mountains. When I started my companies and didn't have big climbs planned- my movement was often compromised as work won. That not only had negative effects on my body, but more importantly on my spirit. Turns out movement is the ultimate emotional boost! Having a bad day, feeling depressed, feeling anxious? Move your body even for 20 minutes...those aweful feelings start to melt away. Creativity is ignited, good endorphins flow, overall goodness happens! Move outside...even better! I have to admit I'm not a gym fan and rather play outside for exercise if given the choice. My body has changed shapes many times over. I always trained for strength-both mental and physical and not for looks. Endurance has always been the goal and continues to be. I feel best when I feel strong and whether or not I have some big mountain project planned, knowing in my gut I could tackle a climb or a 40 mile run/hike on a moments notice makes me happy. Being on the road now for almost 5 months requires me to ground myself daily and find ways to move. That varies based on where I am. Training is not only physical but mental and spiritual. I've finally adopted my own yoga practice as I can't always get to a studio and continue with my daily meditation and now Reiki practice. Each brings such a beautiful nourishment to my health and heart. I'm a better human, girl boss , friend, lover-everything when I have movement in my life. Cheers to our body, to moving, to finding our inner strength and self love to grow into our best self. #sheventures #girlboss #movement