Our Greatest Adventure

What is our greatest adventure? We are living it, right now, today, as we speak...it's called life.

My relationship with the word "adventure" has changed over the years. It's no longer just the act of being on an actual adventure, but a way of life. Adventure is of mind, body, and spirit elevated and expanded to new potentials within ourselves. Every day we have the power to choose how we will live, how we will love, what we will believe, what we will challenge ourselves to set off and do. An adventurous mindset or way of being can be applied to all of these areas. Every day is our own adventure to define. Adventure has truly changed my life and it's my goal to share that gift with others through my work with She Ventures and beyond.

I've relaunched my personal website today. Life has expanded beyond adventure and entrepreneurship and there are other ways I can serve companies and individuals with my diverse background combing over a decade of of experience.

New expanded offerings include: Consulting, Speaking, Coaching, and Influencer Partnerships at a global level.

I am excited to grow new partnerships this year and touch more lives.

I am also in the critical stages of planning my last 3 remaining expeditions for The Explorer Grand Slam. Once complete, I will be one of 15 women in the world and will continue to raise awareness around gender-based violence affecting 1 in 3 women worldwide and climate change impacting these magical and fragile places remaining. If you or your company would like to be involved in this project as a sponsor please contact me via the website.

I continue to live by my life motto: “The extraordinary is always possible; Never limit yourself or life’s potential. ”- words by me.

I look forward to writing and sharing more and collaborating with many of you reading these words.

For more information contact me. 

Photo by: Romain Levrault  www.romainlevrault.com

Photo by: Romain Levrault www.romainlevrault.com