Replenishing Mind. Body. Spirit- Joshua Tree

10 years ago I would have been afraid to solo camp in the desert. It’s been a cool journey getting to a place where it’s no longer scary and sometimes just needed.
— Georgina Miranda

Energy: I'm definitely an extrovert and LOVE people and community BUT as much as I put out, more and more I need to replenish. Joshua Tree was the perfect place to replenish energy in solitude in nature after a very busy couple of weeks with .

Desert vibes and a hike up to San Jacinto Peak for some solo camping and hiking were my fix to replenish mind, body, spirit. It was everything I had hoped for. While beautiful by day, Joshua Tree by night feels like a dream!

This year has been a big one for personal transformation and healing. I'm ever so mindful that sometimes all we need to do is to turn inward and listen. There lie answers, the ones that were maybe there all along, we just needed to be still, quiet down, to hear them.