Greetings from Moshi!


Hello Everyone!

The entire team has made it safely to Moshi! We all arrived yesterday from various parts of the world. Some of us flew to Kilimanjaro airport, while others like Hector, Corina, Martin, and myself started out with an adventurous 8 hour bus journey from Nairobi to Moshi. This bus ride was unlike any other! The 20 passenger mini bus why flying at 60-80 miles per hour down a dusty, rocky, road that amazingly did support two way traffic (believe me we all gasped a few times when oncoming trucks were headed our way). It was a bumpy ride to say the least, but it allowed us to see much of the country side and a first hand view at what real life is like outside the major city. I know we all felt truly blessed by all the comforts we have at home. It was pretty exciting to walk across the Kenyan/Tanzania border and get our passports stamped and continue on our trek in. Thus, Hector, Corina, Martin, Genevieve, Brooke, Sergio, Steve, Melanie, and myself are pumped up and ready to start making our way up Kilimanjaro tomorrow! We are all still in a bit of disbelief that after months of planning we are actually here!

Today some of us wandered into town and tried some of the local cuisine for lunch consisting of some hearty chicken, gamey sausage, cucumber, plantains, and Ugali. . along with some local refreshments of course :) We also ventured into various little shops in town, including the Moshi Market in which one could buy anything from spices, meats, dried fish, souvenirs, fabrics, electronics, and more. As there were not many tourist out today. . we caused quite the scene and were pretty much followed by a slew of vendors throughout the streets of Moshi. . it looked like we had formed a little parade. The people here are lovely and extremely friendly and inviting.

I cannot stress how grateful I personally am to be here. Tomorrow we will start our ascent. .I will write more once back down from the mountain. After the climb Genevieve, Brooke, and I will be traveling to Western Uganda to visit two refugee camps supported by International Medical Corps. To be honest, I have been looking forward to meeting the people we are supporting and the wonderful doctors and nurses working hard to give them care and support all year long. It will be a very special journey for me indeed and I hope to learn of new ways of how we can make the live of these women and children a little better in some way shape or form.

We have a truly amazing and inspiring team! I would love for all of you to get to meet them. . so here is a little tid bit about all of us.

Well farewell from Moshi! Off to meet the team for a final briefing before tomorrow! xx, Georgina

Meet The Team:

Georgina Miranda, Portland, OR ~ Management Consultant for McKinney Rogers

Why Kili? Climbing Kili as part of my quest to reach the 7 Summits. This will be summit #3 of 7.

Why Supporting International Medical Corps and Women and Children of the Congo and Uganda?

I launched this campaign in early 2008 with the aim of raising awareness to the abuse, neglect, and need women and children in these regions face and to provide support to International Medical Corps’ programs in these countries. My hope was this campaign would provide the necessary resources to help these women and children begin their road to self empowerment after all the tragedy they have experienced. I also hoped it would help raise overall awareness for the need to end violence against women and girls.

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

Mt. Rainier (WA), Mt. Elbrus (Russia), Mt. Kos, Mt. Elbert, Quandary Peak, Mt. Baldy, Mt. San Jacinto


Genevieve Roth, New York, NY~ Articles Editor

Why Kili?

This July, I am going to use all of my vacation time (and way more than all of my vacation savings) to travel to Tanzania and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for victims of sexual violence in the Congo and Uganda.

Why you are supporting Climb Take Action's Efforts and IMC?

Unthinkable things happen to the women in these countries every day. Because of my work at Glamour, I have to think about these atrocities--write about them, meet women who have lived through them--every day. I can't do this job effectively if I don't know I'm doing something, however small, to help.

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

Spinning, stair master, running, and wearing my Asolo Hiking Boots while walking to work in business attire :)


Melanie O'Toole, Hong Kong ~Associate Director for an insurance brokerage

Why Kili? I like to push my boundaries every once in a while and having been fascinated by Africa since I was small, Kilimanjaro is the perfect spot to test my mettle.

Why you are supporting Climb Take Action's Efforts and IMC?

I've known about the atrocities in Africa for some time, but always felt so far removed and powerless to do anything that would really add any value. Taking on a big task like hiking Kili has helped me to see that lots of small efforts make a huge difference!

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

Certified sailing skipper and amateur fencer. Has been hitting up the stair master and hiking up Hong Kong Peak :)


Brooke Warburton, Washington, DC~Visual Merchandising/Event Planning

Why Kili? I am always up for a challenge and I love travel and the outdoors!

Why you are supporting Climb Take Action's Efforts and IMC?

I was inspired by an article written by playwright, performer, and activist Eve Ensler - and Georgina Miranda's dedication to this cause. IMC is truly an amazing organization and I am proud to be a part of it!

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

I love hiking in the Rocky Mountains and Zion National Park, mountain biking, yoga and traveling to Central America.


Sergio Millan, Chino, CA~ Mechanical Engineer

Why Kili? Traveling and trekking is what I enjoy the most and Kili offers both activities

Why you are supporting Climb Take Action's Efforts and IMC?

In support of bringing awareness to Climb Take Action and IMC through an activity hikers and backpackers already love doing.

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

Hiked the Eastern Sierras over the memorial holiday weekend and many hikes to Mt. Baldy, San Jacinto, Mt. Whitney, etc.


Hector Miranda, Burbank, CA~ Ops Manager Bank of America

Why Kili? I really enjoy hiking and have always wanted to go to Africa. . so now was the perfect time.

Why you are supporting Climb Take Action's Efforts and IMC?

I am supporting my daughter in her efforts to make a difference in the lives of women and children in the Congo and Uganda.

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

Avid cyclist, many hikes to Mt. Baldy , San Jacinto, and Mt. Wilson.


Corina Quinones and Martin Zeeman, Glendale, CA~ RN and Med Student @ Ross Medical School

Why Kili?

We have been given an opportunity to combine our common passions for helping others & adventuring. We will be climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa (5895m) startingthe 11th of July. This climb is not just about getting to the top of a mountain. We feel compelled by a great love in our lives, Christ's love, to help the women and children who are suffering and barely surviving in a war that is increasingly destroying and ending so many lives.

Why you are supporting Climb Take Action's Efforts and IMC?

It's horrifying to know that rape, many times in multiples, could be used as a weapon by intimidation. We know that we can't change all the world's hardships in one day, but we hope to impact in small ways and plant seeds wherever we can, however we can.

Previous Challenges or Prep for the Journey?

Running, many hikes to Brand Park Mountain, Mt. Baldy and Mt. San Jacinto


Steven -Prentice, Murrieta, CA~

***More to Come, he just joined our team :)

We do know this is Steve's first big International Trip and he is supper excited to be here for a good cause!

More to come soon! :)

Thanks to G Adventures for partnering with us on this!