Greetings from Munbende!

Hello from Munbende!

I am joined here with Stephanie, Dr. JoJo, Claire, Jennifer, Moses, and Richard from International Medical Corps. This gracious team has been kind enough to introduce Genevieve, Brooke, and I to many Sexual Gender Based Survivors as well as to educate us on the impactful programs International Medical Corps is operating here in Uganda.

I am short for time, as we are on a limited Internet connection, but I wanted to give you all some updates.

First of all the team of 9 made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro on July 16th at 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM. Everyone did a fantastic job and was a true source of inspiration! It was an emotional approach reaching the summit for many reasons. . .some of the main ones. . .well we all made it. . for most of the team this was the greatest physical challenge they had ever endured. . .we were up there for an incredible cause. .. and on a personal note for me. .it was great to have my dad up there!

The team all parted ways last Saturday. . but we are all anxious to share our stories and experiences as well as photos :) SO all that to come next week!

On Sunday Genevieve, Brooke and I departed to Uganda to meet the International Medical Corps team and visit 2 refugee settlements International Medical Corps is supporting- Nakavale and KyakaII. I have so much to tell you about these visits, but it will have to come next week when I am not limited on Internet time.

All I can tell you is that my heart has been touched not only by the survivors I have met at these settlements, but by the International Medical Corps Staff. International Medical Corps is running extremely impactful and life changing programs with extremely limited resources. . they are true heroes in my book! I promise to share everything I have learned this week and how all of your support is truly making a difference in the life on many women and children.

Although most of these survivors have very sad stories and have been through hardships us Westerners could probably never fathom. . .they are women and children that are an inspiration in their fight for life and hope for a better future. They can still share a smile with us, while they share their stories of pain and sorrow, and tell us what a difference International Medical Corps has made in their life and how grateful they are.

I promise to write more when home in the States next week. I thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way and ask that you all continue to keep these women and children in your hearts and prayers. . . their stories are just remarkable, as their strength and faith. They really do need our continued help and your support makes a difference :)

Please support our efforts and donate.

Much love and more to come. . . .