Why Help Women in Congo

International Medical Corps. Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

International Medical Corps. Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

I continue to say that Congo found me, not the other way around. I was reading a magazine one day looking for a new haircut and came across an article that changed my life. It motivated me to pursue a life long dream of climbing the Seven Summits and finding a way to help the women whose stories of horror were depicted. Through my research of looking for organizations I could partner with to help these women, I found International Medical Corps who had been providing relief in Congo since 1999. 

IMC then went on to educate me about the hardships of women in Uganda and the need for program support. I then decided to form a joint campaign for both countries and help women in both regions. I truly felt ignorant and amazed that the situation in both countries was not more publicized.

Why am I doing this you may ask. . . why Congolese Women. . . why Ugandan Women? The answer is simple, I have been informed about their unimaginable struggles and circumstances and about the lack of resources being deployed to help them due to lack of funding and awareness. After learning about the horror and terror, I cannot forget and go about my daily life knowing that every month possibly thousands of women and their children are being attacked, are hungry, and are alone. This situation has been present for over a decade, the civil conflict in both regions is surpassing the twenty year mark; yet it does not mean this terror and injustice should continue. I continue to say. . .if you knew. . . you would help. . .how could you not?

What is happening in Congo and Uganda is a war and attack against women. Women like you, me, our mothers, our sisters, our friends. Women that deserve a chance for life, peace, happiness, and empowerment. The situation in Congo and Uganda is severe not only due to the severity of the attacks against women and children, but due to the lack of respect for the life of a woman or child. There is no respect when a baby girl of 11 months old is being raped and a grandmother of 75 years of age is being raped. There is no respect when a woman is gang raped and then mutilated or tortured in front of her entire family or village. There is no respect when a rape victim is exiled from her home and family because she is viewed as a disgrace and embarrassment to her people. She is left with nothing but pain and need for basic survival. There is no respect when a young girl or woman must engage in sexual activity in hope of receiving food or shelter. Beside the need for immediate relief to these victims of war, there is a need for prevention. Organizations such as International Medical Corps are launching campaigns to promote prevention against sexual based violence attacks and raise the level of respect for women. 

The more I learn the more I want to help. I hope everyone that visits this site feels the same way. There is something all of us can do to help. Women are being attacked everyday, and the more resources available to treat victims, the higher the chance of them being able to LIVE. These women have lost everything in most cases, whether they become outcast as a result of their attack or whether their entire family has been murdered, they need someone to help them pick up the pieces of what is left of them.
I encourage anyone that visits this site to read all of the articles posted. This is true, this is happening, these women need our help, and we can help them. Watch this videohttp://www.imcworldwide.org/content/media/detail/1270/

If you knew. . . you would help. . .how could you not?

Now you know. . . you can help. . .why would you not?