Ashley Chapman Summits Kilimanjaro January 2010!!


Ashley reached the summit of Kilimanjaro in January on behalf of International Medical Corps and Climb Take Action to help women and children in the Congo and Uganda. 

We are so grateful to Ashley to taking on this personal challenge for our cause!! Her bravery and dedication are truly inspiring!! She has already raised over $4000 and still her reach her goal of $5000 :)

You can still sponsor Ashley by visiting here.

I encourage anyone reading this to feature your next challenge for our cause and help us raise funds and awareness for a group of women and children living in one of the world's cruelest conflict zones. Take action today and make an impact on a life :)

International Medical Corps continues to provide life saving support on a daily basis.

Way to go Ashley and a HUGE THANK YOU!!! You ROCK!

Hugs to all-