Everest Base Camp Baby!!!!

We made it to Base Camp today!! Now it feels like the adventure is just about to begin. The leisurely week we had has come to an end and we are now in our tents and our warm clothes are our best friends :) Today I felt like I was going to climb Everest...why...well I was weaker, had a headache, upset tummy. Basically the effects of altitude have set in. They are very minor and completely normal and after a couple of days acclimatizing here I will feel much better. This will be my home for the next 2 months, my safe zone, mi little casa :) It was a bit emotional coming into camp and I felt like wow, I am living the dream-I made it : ) Now I have to really make it and summit and return safely down, but that is a long time away....maybe May 21stish or so...really all weather dependant...so too soon to tell. It is all about one step at a time and patience!

Yesterday (April 7) was a bit of a sad day, as Tristan had to head back down to Prembuche due to altitude effects. She was ok, but it was not safe for her to continue and she would feel better at lower altitude. We would have loved to have her here with us at Base Camp, but we rather her be healthy. The trekkers will reunite with her in 3 days at Namche and they will continue their journey down to Kathmandu. It was also a wake up call for all of us to watch our bodies and hydrate and eat well to help with those possible effects. Last night we stayed at Lubuche and thank goodness it was only for one night! Not my favorite place on earth , but functional. I didn't get much sleep as my back was bugging me and I had a headache, but I felt better in the morning. It was also a cold night! I think my tent tonight will definitely be warmer, especially with Pam in there :)

Today (April 8) was a tough day in the sense that I just had to go nice and steady to balance my body adjusting to the altitude, as we are now at 17,500 feet. To put things in perspective our high camp at Denali before our summit push was a little lower than that. 

Ciao for now!