Off to Everest! 32 hours of travel let's do this!

Hello Friends and Supporters! Happy Easter :)

Well the journey to Everest for Congo has begun! I set off from LAX March 30th at 1 PM for an upcoming 32 hour journey to get to Kathmandu!

After getting through security I was a bit of a sappy mess as it finally hit, that this all really was happening, it wasn't just a dream, and that I was off to an incredible journey, for a great cause, and to push my limits once again and see what mother nature has in store for me! It was pretty emotional, and although it is sinking in as I sit here in Bangkok for my final flight, it still feels a bit surreal and maybe it won't really hit until I land in Lukla and start walking through the Himalayas :)

So from LA it was 12 hours + to Seoul, then 5 hours + Bangkok, then 9 hours+ layover here and not sure how long the flight from here to Kathmandu is, but it all adds up to 32! Currently I am sitting at a lounge that is supposedly 24hrs but the staff is now asleep mainly since it is just past 4 AM. I thought I scored as they served food, beer, free power, WIFI, and well less cockroaches than I had seen where I was previously sitting! :) So I am just getting some work done, and wrapping up lose ends and updating all of you!

Again, just feeling incredibly blessed to be on this journey for a great cause and incredibly grateful to two incredible friends that made this all a possibility for me. You know who you are and it is hard to put into words how amazing what you have done truly is.

It was a scramble to get out of San Fran and LA....finishing up work, subletting my apartment, saying goodbye to Oliver, my little cat, saying goodbye to family and friends, and sorting out last minute gear! I still have a lot to do, but have a few days in Kathmandu to wrap it all up before we fly to Lukla. 

So a couple of things and I will keep this post brief as I need to take advantage of some final computer time.

Why I am climbing Everest for Congo: 
The Women of Congo Inspire Us Up Mountains! 48 Women are raped per hour in Congo; we are raising funds and awareness for their healing and to drive sustainable change. The sexual violence in DRC is the worst in the world. Everest 2013 Climb is for them!

Learn more on our website.
Read our Alan Arnette Article:

Watch this video: (password is: seven)

How I will stay in touch:

How to support our efforts and donate:

  • All donations are tax-deductible and go to International Medical Corp and V-DAY

  • Please visit here.

  • No donations support the climbing costs

Technical Issues:

  • So I just found out Verizon does not have a data plan in Nepal, so to keep costs down, I will likely only be able to give blog updates once a week as I can hike to a nearby village from Base Camp to upload posts

  • While I am in Kathmandu and have WiFi, I can update more

  • I do not have a SAT phone, so will be using What'sApp to text when possible, but depends on the signal up there. 

  • Will work to get a local SIM card or phone when in Kathmandu to see if that helps, but totally TBD right now. 

What the next few days will be like:

  • land in Kathmandu April 1 noon time

  • meet the team and sort gear

  • get final technology and supplies-I didn't have time to buy any of my favorite food treats before I left :(

  • Fly to Lukla on April 4th and start the trek to Everest Base Camp, which should take about a week. 

Well more soon...thanks for every one's encouragement and support! I am going into this with an open heart and mind and just extremely grateful to be on the journey!