Passion-What Would Life Be Without it?

Time has flown by and I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I was about to go for my summit push on Everest. The trip was special and changed my life for many reasons but looking back I realize that it was so unique because it was so full of PASSION! For two months all I got to do was focus and enjoy something I was so extremely PASSIONATE about and had worked so hard to be able to do! It was three years in the making. Although some days I was freezing, gasping for air, or more exhausted than I had ever been in my life-MAN I LOVED EVERY MINTUE OF IT!

I was in an environment unlike any other, surrounded by some extraordinary people, pushing my mind and body in ways I had never done before, I was LIVING IT UP, in every sense of the phrase.  A lot of people have called me crazy for going to Everest in the first place and even crazier for planning to go back next year. All I can say to that is that just the thought of being there again, seeing those mountains, pushing my body to its limit, experiencing nature at its most exquisite and its fiercest-It is a MAGICAL thing! I CANNOT WAIT!

It was so hard for me to come back last year, not only because of the failed summit attempt due to hypoxia, but because it was hard to fit back into the norm once home. All I wanted to do was find ways to replicate that thrill, that PASSION, in everything I did. Easier said than done! Since then it has changed my mindset about trying to now craft a lifestyle built around working and doing things I am passionate about. I have found it difficult to get involved or do things I do not care about. Hence I am trying to start my own business, continue to fundraise for women in the Congo, do things that bring a smile to my face, surround myself with love, and start taking necessary steps to try to bring as much PASSION into my daily life as possible. It is a beautiful thing and feeling to have PASSION whether from what you are doing, from another person, or for going out to seize the day.

Climbing has changed my life and open my eyes to a world I never knew existed, it has pushed me past personal boundaries, made me expect more of myself, made me more grateful for life, more appreciative of the beauty and miracle that is our universe, introduced me to some of the most amazing and inspiring people and dearest friends, allowed me to speak and raise awareness for a topic I am extremely PASSIONATE about- Empowering Women. I LOVE IT! I love being outside and enjoying our world…it is a privilege.

The thrill and rush of adventure as many adventurers know can become addictive, and so I try to fit in as much as I can within my means for sure. Whether it’s a simple hike, bike ride, ski trip, etc there is so much fun it can bring and fulfillment. 

Lately I have been reflecting so much on PASSION and what it means in my life. Right now it is setting which direction I am going to go. Whether at work, in love, in friendships, in my day to day, if there is no PASSION involved then it’s probably a good sign it’s not for me. Pursuing this lifestyle then comes with lots of compromise and also sacrifice I have learned, as it is not an easy path, but I think it will be totally worth it in the end.

I will forever be grateful to Eve Ensler’s article in Glamour I read back in 2007 that moved me so much to launch me on this journey to help Women of Congo. It was that article that made me pull the trigger on climbing seriously by creating Climb Take Action dedicated to raising awareness and support for victims of sexual violence in Congo-the worst in the world. I strongly believe that life does not happen by chance. For every experience, encounter, meeting, there is a reason.  

The next 11 months are going to be full of training, planning, and fundraising for Women of Congo (International Medical Corps and VDAY)! I am so incredibly excited for the Big E once again! Counting down to that flight to Lukla!! The juggling act continues :)

Here is to living with PASSION! It is magical and can move mountains!

To support our efforts for Women in Congo please visit here. (ALL Proceeds benefit International Medical Corps and VDAY and are Tax-Deductible)