Everest summit update! More to come :)

Hi everyone!

A formal blog update to come soon, but just wanted to let you all know I am down safe and in Kathmandu! We were able to score a helicopter ride to Lukla from base camp this morning and then caught one of the last flights out to Kathmandu :)  So now the plot begins to figure out how to get home! Only problem is our gear is stuck up on the mtn., so more soon!

In a nut shell the past 9 days have by far been the most eventful of the trip! I reached the summit of Everest about 10:15 am on the 21st of May. I was privileged enough to spend an hour on the top of the world. The sheer beauty of what I witnessed brought me to tears at many points of our summit push. Our summit push alone was a 20 hour day- 13 hours up and 7 down...needless to say, I was beyond exhausted. This has been by fare the hardest physical and mental challenge of my life. Below are a few pics and more to come with a formal account of the final push, but don’t let that huge grin fool you, about 5 hours into the summit push I nearly turned around and was crying like a little girl, as my hypoxia had started to set in again and I was moving too slow. This trip has been amazing in so many ways, but one main one has been spiritually. Right before I was to reassess my condition, I prayed and asked God for a sign as to whether I should turn around, and no more than 10 minutes later my friend’s guide managed to recognize me through my oxygen mask and down suit and asked why I was crying and then told me, “you already turned around once 2 years ago, you are not turning around again.” He then talked to my Sherpa, they adjusted my oxygen and he asked me to follow them for an hour and see if I felt better and that I was only 5-6 hours away from the summit. Fortunately, I started feeling better, and at 5 am the sun rose over the whole world and I was filled with warmth and knew that my sign had been clear as day and there was no turning around.

I feel incredibly blessed in so many ways and happy to be safe as there was a lot of death on the mountain the night of our summit push.  I am grateful for the women that inspired me up mountains back in 2008 and the amazing work of International Medical Corps and V-DAY, which like many of the people I saw on the mountain remind that the impossible is possible by the work that they do.

More soon, but just getting my bearings right now and processing, and digesting it all. Everest for Congo 2013, will live with me forever. Thank you again to my two incredible friends that helped make this possible.The warmth of the wind feels so incredible here, I have already eaten a huge burger, fries, beer, and some ice cream, and taken the best shower I have had in a LONG time J
Thank you for all of your love, support, and encouragement….it helped keep me going when I thought I might give up. I am missing home and looking forward to being back soon.

Also, now you know what I look like as a big red marshmallow woman!!! Haha…the down suite is very flattering for my figure…lol ;)

My life motto lives on after this trip...The extraordinary is always possible. . Never limit yourself or life's potential. GM

Big hugs!!!! G