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The Roof of Africa's Disappearing Glaciers- Watch the Film

In June 2018 I set off with Explorer Tim Jarvis and team to climb and document the sublimating glacier on Africa's Rooftop, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

"Just like a mountain is really big and daunting, I think climate change can seem daunting and a big problem to solve. The reality is if all of us take little steps and make little changes in our lives, we will all make a collective difference." - Georgina Miranda.

The question is, what else are we prepared to lose? There is no Planet B.

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How We Can All Take Action

Being an activist can start with the choices we make day to day. It’s been over 11 years as a gender-based violence activist and my adventures and the state of our planet have made me an environmental activist. Yet really, we should all be activists helping heal and protect people and planet. We are not individuals living in a big world, we are connected beings to every single person and particle part of this earth. Our impact is not ours alone, never has that been more clear than now.

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A little more about the women and organization my climbs support…..

I am writing this in route to Alaska…next up is Mt. McKinley or Denali 6,194 m for International Medical Corps and the women and children of the Congo (DRC) and Uganda. I will be climbing from May19-June 8th. 

Last July, I had the privilege of visiting two of the Refugee settlements that International Medical Corps supports in Uganda- Nakivale and Kyaka II. The visit still lives vivid in my mind, and I thought it was important to share with you all a little of what I experienced while in Uganda and why your support is needed for the campaign . . . . 

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