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Ashley Chapman Summits Kilimanjaro January 2010!!

Ashley reached the summit of Kilimanjaro in January on behalf of International Medical Corps and Climb Take Action to help women and children in the Congo and Uganda. 

We are so grateful to Ashley to taking on this personal challenge for our cause!! Her bravery and dedication are truly inspiring!! She has already raised over $4000 and still her reach her goal of $5000 :)

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Aconcagua...A Great Challenge!! Summit #4

Happy New Year to you all! I reached the summit of Aconcagua on January 10, 2010! Where to begin on this incredible journey of 3 weeks? For starters, it was a lot tougher than I thought and if I never have to climb on scree (lose rock and gravel) again. . . I will be a very happy girl! Yet, the climb allowed me to push myself physically and mentally to a new limit and continue to work towards a cause very dear to my heart. . . .the women and children of the Congo and nearby Uganda. 

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Happy Holidays!! Next Stop Aconcagua!

2009 was an exciting year for us, as our team of 9 successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in July and raised over $30,000 for International Medical Corps. 3 of us (Genevieve Roth, Brooke Warburton, and I) were then blessed with the opportunity to visit the Refugee Settlements in Uganda and able to meet not only the amazing women and children we support, but also the dedicated International Medical Corps staff that is making a significant impact in the lives of thousands of women and children at these settlements on a daily basis.

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Kili Recap- All Summits on the Roof of Africa!

I am super grateful for Genevieve, Brooke, Melanie, Sergio, Steve, Corina, Martin, and my dad (Hector) for signing up for the challenge not only of climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world (5896m), but also to take on the challenge of fundraising for International Medical Corps and their efforts for women and children in the Congo and Uganda!! Neither of these tasks was an easy feat by any means!! Yet they all rocked it and the entire team reached the summit at Uruhu Peak on July 16th at 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM---100% success rate, which is INCREDIBLE!! Climbing Kili set the altitude record for the entire team. . .we all went higher than we had ever gone before!

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Greetings from Moshi!

The entire team has made it safely to Moshi! We all arrived yesterday from various parts of the world. Some of us flew to Kilimanjaro airport, while others like Hector, Corina, Martin, and myself started out with an adventurous 8 hour bus journey from Nairobi to Moshi. This bus ride was unlike any other! The 20 passenger mini bus why flying at 60-80 miles per hour down a dusty, rocky, road that amazingly did support two way traffic (believe me we all gasped a few times when oncoming trucks were headed our way).

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Summit Number 2! Summits in Oz and Fundraising Updates!

On December 30, 2008 one of my best friends, Trisha Haakonstad, and I made it to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko, 2228m, Australia, to benefit International Medical Corps!

So we are 2 summits down and 5 more to go! I will be posting more details to the hike itself, but it was a cold, cold day in Thredbo with temperatures of 0 Celcius and a -5 to -10 windchill at the top. It was again amazing to make it up there with one of my closest friends all to benefit International Medical Corps and women in the Congo and Uganda.

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Others Committed to Take Action

I would like to thank and highlight Bianca Roman, from San Diego, who trekked Machu Picchu, Peru on November 21st on behalf of International Medical Corps and the women of the Congo and Uganda. Bianca successfully raised $500 is less than one month! After reading about the campaign and crisis in an article she contacted me to see how she could become involved and make an impact. 

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Hike 2 Empower Event a Success!

On September 27th a hundred hikers joined me in hiking 5k at Paramount Ranch in Los Angeles for the women in the Congo and Uganda at our 1st Annual Hike 2 Empower Event!

The energy and enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of these women and children was amazing amongst our participants. I can't tell you how great it felt to get the community involved, see everyone enjoying the outdoors, and making an impact in the lives of others all at the same time! Our motto for this event: Empower yourself by empowering others!

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Mt. Rainier Training Complete-Next Stop Mt. Elbrus!

It's hard to imagine that only 2 weeks ago I was still at high camp at Mt. Rainier (9400 ft). We made it about 600 feet from the summit before having to descend due to high avalanche hazard. It was a great lesson to be placed in a situation where one had to make the smart and responsible decision to turn around. Don't get me wrong. . . it would have been amazing to see the top, yet our team did our best and we all knew we could have made it had the weather cooperated. It was by far my top physical challenge to date. 

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Why Help Women in Congo

I continue to say that Congo found me, not the other way around. I was reading a magazine one day looking for a new haircut and came across an article that changed my life. It motivated me to pursue a life long dream of climbing the Seven Summits and finding a way to help the women whose stories of horror were depicted. Through my research of looking for organizations I could partner with to help these women, I found International Medical Corps who had been providing relief in Congo since 1999. 

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7 Summits Starts Now

In late 2007, I began to pursue a life long dream of climbing the world’s Seven Summits, while raising funds and awareness for the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. To date only 26 women have succeeded in this challenge, and I hope to become on of them. The Climb Take Action campaign is a grassroots initiative created to help women in Congo and Uganda get the necessary support in order for them to empower themselves. It will encourage others to participate in their own climb or challenge in order to raise funds and awareness for the cause as well.

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