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Awesome Start to a Journey Ahead- Everest!

I feel at peace, and I have already begun to let go of things that may have been dragging me down before I left. The journey towards simplicity of survival has already begun to take it's course and that comes with so much healing.

I do not have fear in me, but more so ultimate respect for what mother nature may throw at me. Last time my tent shred at Camp 2 in the middle of the night in 80+mph winds, I fell hypoxic and passed out at 27,500 feet and had my digestive system give out on really I know some of the worst that may come and I know I was able to handle it and survive it last time so let's hope for better luck this time!

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A Little Fear Keeps Us ALIVE! Alps Recount!

As I write this, I have a big smile, remembering another great adventure, and wishing I could go back right this SECOND! I love the mountains, love pushing limits, appreciate fear and overcoming it, and counting down for Everest!

Grateful for the "Fear of God" moments, they keep me alive and push me to reach my max potential...whatever that may be! Don't let fear ever paralyse you from going after things in any aspect of life...if you never try you never know. I'll close with the wise words of Kevin, "Never more alive then when ya nearly dead!" Kevin, I definitely learned that on this trip-thanks :)

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Life Comes Full Circle~ Everest 60 Days Away!

I normally use this blog to talk solely about the climbs and our efforts to raise funds and awareness for women in Congo, but I thought it was important to add a bit of a personal touch this time, as Everest is very close and preparing for it has opened up a whole new world of feelings and emotions. Training for this bad boy is not only about the physical prep, but also the mental prep and the emotional prep. I have always said climbing is 80% mental and 20% physical.

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