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Just a couple hours from Everest Base Camp!!

Of the past few days, the most eventful was by far Monday, April 8th. It was a day with highs and lows. In the morning on route to Dingboche, we stopped in Pangboche to get a blessing from Lama Geshe. We had quite the wait as 2 other expeditions were before us. I remembered this being a very special moment last time I was here. This time was equally as special and filled with laughter. Lama Geshe was convinced I was Nepali J haha. His soul beams joy and was really a special treat to meet him. As part of the blessing, he gives the climbers a card to take up with us to the mountain, a blessed Kata, and a blessed Synge to put around our neck.  He also gives us a prayer to take with us on our journey and to set our intention.

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Off to Everest! 32 hours of travel let's do this!

Well the journey to Everest for Congo has begun! I set off from LAX March 30th at 1 PM for an upcoming 32 hour journey to get to Kathmandu!

After getting through security I was a bit of a sappy mess as it finally hit, that this all really was happening, it wasn't just a dream, and that I was off to an incredible journey, for a great cause, and to push my limits once again and see what mother nature has in store for me! It was pretty emotional, and although it is sinking in as I sit here in Bangkok for my final flight, it still feels a bit surreal and maybe it won't really hit until I land in Lukla and start walking through the Himalayas :)

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A Little Fear Keeps Us ALIVE! Alps Recount!

As I write this, I have a big smile, remembering another great adventure, and wishing I could go back right this SECOND! I love the mountains, love pushing limits, appreciate fear and overcoming it, and counting down for Everest!

Grateful for the "Fear of God" moments, they keep me alive and push me to reach my max potential...whatever that may be! Don't let fear ever paralyse you from going after things in any aspect of life...if you never try you never know. I'll close with the wise words of Kevin, "Never more alive then when ya nearly dead!" Kevin, I definitely learned that on this trip-thanks :)

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Passion-What Would Life Be Without it?

Lately I have been reflecting so much on PASSION and what it means in my life. Right now it is setting which direction I am going to go. Whether at work, in love, in friendships, in my day to day, if there is no PASSION involved then it’s probably a good sign it’s not for me. Pursuing this lifestyle then comes with lots of compromise and also sacrifice I have learned, as it is not an easy path, but I think it will be totally worth it in the end.

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The Article That Started It All

There are things that you come across in your life that will dramatically impact the direction your life is headed. In late 2007 I came across mine, an article written by Eve Ensler (, which introduced me to the daily horrors some women and girls in Congo face, which moved me to find a way to take action to raise awareness to this massive issue of sexual violence and find support to help these women in their fight for survival.

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Life Comes Full Circle~ Everest 60 Days Away!

I normally use this blog to talk solely about the climbs and our efforts to raise funds and awareness for women in Congo, but I thought it was important to add a bit of a personal touch this time, as Everest is very close and preparing for it has opened up a whole new world of feelings and emotions. Training for this bad boy is not only about the physical prep, but also the mental prep and the emotional prep. I have always said climbing is 80% mental and 20% physical.

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Top of North America for the Congo! Denali Summit #5

Denali....aka 'Degnarly'... :) May 19-June 5 2010 
It seems amazing that almost two months ago I stood a top North America (Denali)! Yes, on June 1, 2010 I completed my fifth of the Seven Summits for women in the Congo, benefiting International Medical Corps. Like all of my climbs thus far, it was an incredible adventure and one I will never forget, but different in the sense that this one was a true test of will every day.

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A little more about the women and organization my climbs support…..

I am writing this in route to Alaska…next up is Mt. McKinley or Denali 6,194 m for International Medical Corps and the women and children of the Congo (DRC) and Uganda. I will be climbing from May19-June 8th. 

Last July, I had the privilege of visiting two of the Refugee settlements that International Medical Corps supports in Uganda- Nakivale and Kyaka II. The visit still lives vivid in my mind, and I thought it was important to share with you all a little of what I experienced while in Uganda and why your support is needed for the campaign . . . . 

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