Visiting the Blank Canvas

Imagining life as a blank canvas can feel incredibly liberating… “wow you can create ANYTHING you want!”… but also terrifying…“holy cow it’s blank, what should my painting look like?” Lately, I have been reminded to go back to my own blank canvas and encouraged to revisit what type of masterpiece I want to create, not just for this next year, but for my life.

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Why We Must Keep Climbing

The mountains have become my teacher, my soul quencher, my inspiration to keep exploring and push limits. Yet in climbing, the journey up the mountain is not without its challenges, trials, and doubt as to whether continue onward. Lately the mountains have been the constant reminder as to why we must keep climbing in life, even when the going gets tough, when the storm sets in, and the top of that mountain seems out of reach.

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A Life of What Ifs

There are two ways of looking at life through a “what if” lens. There is the “what if” the worst possible scenario comes about through every risk I am considering to take lens, or there is the “what if” I just shut off my head for a split second and allow for some awesome things to materialize because I took risks in life lens.

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