IT'S SIMPLE. Georgina is a sought after consultant as she combines over a decade of Corporate, Start-up, and Adventure experience when working with clients, providing a unique approach to business solutions. She has vast experience in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies globally. She is also a thought leader in the areas of organizational/leadership development, diversity, investing in women to drive economic growth, and women's apparel and gear in the outdoor and athleisure segment. She excels as a trusted advisor and coach across all management and executive levels. 

Consulting Expertise/engagements:

  • Transformational change initiatives (technology/process/culture)
  • Brand/product design collaboration in outdoor and athleisure
  • Leadership development
  • Strategy execution
  • Communication strategy
  • Organizational alignment
  • Brand strategy and execution

Client Portfolio:

Retail, consumer products, utilities, entertainment, pharma, beverages, and real estate development. 

Workshop and programming Development

Georgina has helped clients develop customized workshops and development programs:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Leadership Development
  • Empowering Women Leaders
  • Alignment Sessions
  • Purpose, Passion, and Mindfulness
  • Harnessing the Power of Stories