dare to be you

the bravest thing you can do is be yourself.
It takes the ultimate act of courage.

Are you ready?


transformation starts with you.
12 weeks VIRTUAL PROGRAM. dare to be you.


With every coaching offering out there claiming to help you reach your full potential, how does one choose?

The reality is that your full potential is alive and waiting for you right now. This is because our full potential comes to life when we have the courage to live from our most authentic self, our true essence.

Reaching your full potential is more about unlearning and retraining-your mind. It’s about letting go of old stories, belief systems, and mindsets that no longer serve you. It’s about taking an honest look in the mirror and being clear about what you want for yourself and your life and everything real or unreal holding you back at this moment. It’s about dropping the fear that has been part of what’s held you back up till now.

Getting to the optimal you, is not a quick fix, no one can do the work for you, and involves perhaps one of the bravest journeys you will ever embark on. In many cases the person you “thought was you” needs to simply die for there to be space and energy for the rebirth of the real you that’s been a bit buried all this time (death of ego).

As the saying goes, the bravest thing you can do is be yourself. It takes the ultimate act of courage.

After working with so many clients globally as a management consultant and executive coach, then with individuals for personal coaching, much of the motivation lies in people seeking transformation.


Transformation is yours.

The key to transformation is YOU and YOUR mind.

YOU hold the key to YOUR transformation.


the program may 22- August 7 2019

Program open to everyone. All over the world. Virtual Sessions.


Why this program

DARE TO BE YOU was developed after seeing the same repeating patterns in so many different clients regardless of age, occupation, level of role, location, language, and more. When seeking change, transformation, a better life or career the common factor getting in the way of reaching the beautiful horizon was the fact that people were not actually being themselves and living from their truth. There is a long list of reasons why they weren’t, but the two main reasons were 1) Fear 2) they were not being honest with themselves- about what they really wanted, or worst they had never really taken the time to ask themselves.

When we are born, we are perfect, we have everything we need to be our best fabulous self. Life along the way in many cases tells us otherwise and we start to believe it. We often set down paths that are not ours to begin with and at the fast pace of life, it might seem more risky to step off the rails. Meanwhile, in our hearts we know we don’t want to go where this path is headed.

DARE TO BE YOU is a opportunity to take true ownership of your life, career, dreams, and beyond. It’s an investment in yourself and your happiness. There are no false promises here, just a promise to be with you each step of the way and guide you with tools, coaching sessions, community and knowledge to help you uncover what is inside of you already-the best version of yourself. Your full potential ecstatically is waiting to come out and shine on the world. We are here to join you on the adventure of your lifetime. Get ready to WAKE UP, no more auto-pilot or as we say “sleepwalking” through life.

Program Details

Only 12 Participants Will Be Accepted (APPLY NOW)

  • 12 weeks

  • 7 One-on-One coaching sessions (6 during the program and 1 four weeks post program) via Skype, Google Hangout, or Call.

  • 5 webinars (All recorded in case you can’t join)

  • Weekly content/exercises/guide in your inbox

  • 1 distance Reiki healing session for supportive energy

  • Private FB Group to build community and support

  • Designed to empower YOU to transform YOUR own life

  • Ongoing email support throughout program


  • Design a life YOU actually want

  • Take Ownership of YOUR transformation

  • Discover YOUR gifts and purpose

  • Reconnect with your inner truth and wisdom

  • Learn to better manage stress

  • Let go of negative belief systems and anything holding you back

  • Train your mind to work FOR you not AGAINST you

  • Develop new healthy mind, body, spirit habits

  • Learn to better manage your 7 Dimensions of Wellness

    • Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, Physical

  • Learn to better manage your energy/raise your vibration

  • Reclaim your full potential and belief that endless possibilities are available to you NOW

  • WAKE UP to all that you are and all that life has to offer. No more sleepwalking through life.

  • Virtual program. So it’s open to everyone. All over the world.

Topics You Will Learn About

  • Courageous Self-Care

  • Reconnecting with Inner Truth and Wisdom

  • Natural Elements

  • Intuition/ Soul Connection

  • Energy Vibration

  • Manifestation

  • Belief Systems

  • Movement

  • Flow

  • Awareness

  • Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Mental Training

  • Intention/Attention

  • The Art of Being, Not Doing

  • The Power of Letting Go

  • Inner Strength

  • How to Develop New Habits and Lifestyle

  • Conscious Leadership: Mindfulness, Selflessness, Compassion

  • 7 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Synchronicity

  • Embracing our Shadow Side

  • Unity Consciousness

  • Ego

  • Practicing Detachment

  • + Many, Many More



14oo by May 5. 1600 by may 20.

12 weeks of dedicated time and intention to your transformation.


Meet your guide


About Georgina Your Guide and Coach

You can read my formal bio here. For now I share my personal journey and why I chose to start this program for all of you. In a nutshell I created this program because life is too short not to live your truth. It’s the program and guide I wish I had early on in my own journey. Despite the crazy and wild adventures life has taken me on in entrepreneurship and in climbing the world’s highest peaks, the biggest adventure to date has been the one that took me inward. The most empowering lessons in life so far have been in learning we can heal ourselves, that our past is no indication of our future, that we are not here to play small, that if we can tame our minds infinite possibilities become available to us, and that each day in not living our truth is a day wasted keeping us sometimes inches, sometimes miles and oceans away from our happiness. It’s my deepest wish that as we embark on this adventure together, that your inner truth and wisdom is revealed and that the transformation you seek you realize is available to you at any moment if you are willing to dare, face your fears, own your value, get honest with yourself, and most importantly shift your mindset.

My mind has been my best friend at times and my worst enemy. My life has also undergone a few transformations already, yet the ones that I can consider a success were the ones where I was able to change my mind. My time in the mountains solidified the fact that life’s big challenges are mind over matter. It was taming my mind that helped me reach the summit of Mt. Everest despite the onset of hypoxia and other life threatening factors. My mindfulness practice has led me to appreciate the beauty in the pause of life and in allowing for times of silence, as that’s where the breakthrough happens, not in the busyness.

In my gut I always knew the extraordinary was always possible and to never limit myself or life’s potential. This became my motto/mantra for life. At 27 I learned that completing “Bucket Lists”, especially ones filled with a lot of things you “should” do- does not lead to happiness or fulfillment.  At 27 I looked at my bucket list at the time mostly checked off thinking, “wow I got everything I ‘wanted’ yet my life is crumbling and in need of a major reset.” I had put myself through college and grad school, had 3 great jobs by then, gotten married, bought a house, traveled internationally, done a complete health and body re-haul/transformation and the list goes on. Yet as I looked around, I wondered who’s life was this really? I had compromised my self worth and value in a relationship that no longer served me. My marriage was on it’s last straw, a financial crisis was about to hit and what was supposed to be the best investment of my life, my home, was about to become my worst. I was in a city I didn’t want to be in and a whole new list of dreams was pouring out of my heart that had little to do with the list that had gotten me to this point in the first place. I wasn’t living my truth anymore and something needed to shift, a lot of things did.

The decade that has followed since that moment has been a truth seeking journey, although to be honest, I didn’t realize that was what I was embarking on. As silly humans do, I followed an old pattern and made a new “list” to which a few years later started to realize that no list of goals or anything otherwise would get me to my truth. To get to the core of me, the real me, well that was a whole other adventure I had not bargained for, one that would make me face every single fear I ever had, made me question every desire, broke down every piece of my ego, leaving me broken at times to allow for moments of breakthrough and growth. The most magical moments didn’t necessarily happen on the tops of peaks or in mystical retreats, they happened at home with me doing the work, the real work, the unglamorous and not instagram worthy work, the work that brought me to tears, and the work that broke me open in ways more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The journey would not have been possible without developing self compassion and love, realizing so much of what I had always craved I must first be able to give myself. When life breaks you, it breaks you open. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to put the pieces back together, sometimes it takes even more breaking. If you can find the gift in all of it, it's when the bigger breakthroughs come. It’s leaps and bounds closer to your truth.

I don’t believe in perfection or linear paths. It’s in embracing our perfect imperfect selves and the bends in the road that help us see the beauty in life and within ourselves. It’s in breaking out of our comfort in every aspect that helps us explore deeper as to who we really are. It’s the onset of the most courageous journey we will ever take-the one to be truly ourselves.

No one needs “fixing”, most of us need unraveling, delayering, releasing, giving ourselves permission to be free, to shine, to express every aspect of our being.

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

I look forward to joining you on your journey and to seeing the beauty of YOU unfold.



program starts may 22.
only 12 spaces available.

your Investment.14OO BY MAY 5. 1600 BY MAY 20. 12 weeks of dedicated time and intention.