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Georgina Miranda is probably one of the most inspirational people that I have ever had the privilege to meet. Beyond the extensive list of super human achievements that Georgina has completed in her own personal life, she is a leading light as an entrepreneur, a business leader, an adviser, a consultant and an inspiration to all those who are fortunate enough to engage with Georgina at whatever level. Georgina is a social entrepreneur, an adventurer, a speaker, consultant, a writer, a founder and a CEO of She Ventures. She is a true leader, an inspiration, an ambassador and one that is focused on, and making a real difference in the world today. Georgina has a very rare gift and set of skills and experience that I am sure will take her to even more atmospheric heights into the future.

Simon Elliot- Vice President Strategic Partnerships Aramark

Georgina is one of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs that I've worked with (and by entrepreneurs, I mean all of them, not just women). She approaches the vast challenges we all face with a grace and ease, consistently putting collaboration with her colleagues and partners at the forefront of the agenda. From start-ups, to diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, she's got a wealth of knowledge and personal experience that is invaluable. 

Jen Gurecki- CEO Coalition Snow.





Georgina recently shared her Everest Summit experience with the Slalom Consulting Bay Area team from our San Francisco office (with a broader national Slalom audience participating via teleconference). Getting to hear first hand what people go through in their quest to summit Everest is truly eye-opening, and for Georgina to have done something so incredible in support of a very important cause is tremendously powerful. It was beyond inspiring to hear her story and I'd recommend any corporation seize the opportunity to have Georgina speak to their organization. It was truly motivating. Positive feedback poured in following her presentation, and those who were able to attend in person hung around following the presentation to ask questions, share their climbing or philanthropy stories, and overall just hear more from Georgina about her experience. I'll definitely be looking for other opportunities to hear Georgina speak and support her cause through Climb Take Action. Georgina, you're amazing!

-Alicia Santini- Director Slalom Consulting

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to hear Georgina share the story of her Mt. Everest summit at a company event. Her story is so amazing and motivating - not only her incredible physical achievements, but also the work she is doing to help the women of the DRC through Climb Take Action. She really speaks from the heart about overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. It’s a powerful presentation and I left truly inspired and energized. Thanks, Georgina!

Elizabeth Downhower- Consultant Manager Slalom Consulting

Georgina is a real inspiration. It's amazing how dedicated and passionate she is about the Climb Take Action cause. She came to the Sierra Club Peak Climbing Section to speak about her Everest climb and she did an amazing job. Everyone was mesmerized by her photography and storytelling. I hope to see Georgina speak again, if not have an opportunity to climb with her!

Emilie Cortes- Chief Financial Officer at Toniic

Georgina gave me two things I find invaluable in business; structure and hope. When I hired her as a coach I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and after working together I LOVE my new branding, have templates and goals in place, and am excited again about my business.

Monica Ortega- Entrepreneur/Host of Travel Series Monica Goes

Georgina was my mentor for 9 months during the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy. Georgina's mentorship started when I was in a leadership position for the first time, and it was so helpful in helping me take the reins and succeed in this role. While it was all valuable, what stands out the most is working on goal-setting using Georgina's template (I've now rolled out a version of it to my team), and how to package complex ideas or programs and present to executives for buy-in and support Georgina brought her experience as an entrepreneur, business leader and mountain athlete to our mentorship, and I am a better marketing professional- and person- from it.

Justus Hyatt- Marketing Director Cascade Designs

Georgina mentored me in 2018 while I was part of the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy. Her insight was incredibly valuable on many levels. She pushed me to think outside of the box and ask hard questions of people. She instilled a level of confidence in me that I have taken into my new Director level role. Georgina's experience stretches from the corporate world, to non-profits, to exploration. She is following her passions and it is contagious. 

Jason Miller- Director of North American Sales SOLE

Georgina's coaching provides small nudges that lead to large transformations and breakthroughs for your business. Her support and encouragement has definitely been beneficial in launching into the entrepreneurial life! Thank you Georgina.

Entrepreneur/Founder Roots and Wings Yoga