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infinite potential and possibility ARE ALways available to you at any moment. discover yours in life, work, and beyond
Transformation begins with a shift in mindset


Mission: To serve a global community by creating space and opportunities for growth, healing, creativity, equality and living from our true self for the greater collective of people and planet. When we thrive so can everything around us.



Georgina Miranda is probably one of the most inspirational people that I have ever had the privilege to meet. Beyond the extensive list of super human achievements that Georgina has completed in her own personal life, she is a leading light as an entrepreneur, a business leader, an adviser, a consultant and an inspiration to all those who are fortunate enough to engage with Georgina at whatever level. She is a true leader, an inspiration, an ambassador and one that is focused on, and making a real difference in the world today. Georgina has a very rare gift and set of skills and experience that I am sure will take her to even more atmospheric heights into the future.

Simon Elliot- Vice President Strategic Partnerships Aramark 


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social entrepreneur, adventurer, speaker, Coach, Writer, consultant and activist 

THE FORMAL VERSION: Georgina is a social entrepreneur, mountain athlete, adventurer, public speaker, coach, writer, consultant, and activist combining over a decade of Corporate, Start-up, and Adventure experience. She is a social innovator working to accelerate gender equality and the wellbeing of women globally, while also helping people, teams, and companies discover new ways to unleash full human potential in life and business from a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to benefit the collective good. She is the CEO of She Ventures and in the process of completing adventure mega challenge of the Explorer Grand Slam- less than 15 women globally have done so in order to raise awareness and funds for gender-based violence and climate change. She is a leadership and transformation expert with a client roster of Fortune 500 companies globally.

Georgina has been featured in Forbes, Vox, Glamour, NBC News, Intel, Outside, Women’s Health, Huff Post, Latina, and many more media outlets and films. She uses her voice and adventures to advocate for women’s rights and equality, climate change, and mental wellness.



THE REAL DEAL: The most courageous thing we will ever do in life, is be ourselves. Any form of transformation begins with a willingness to have a shift in mindset. I am a LA girl born and raised, but a global citizen. My heart is in nature and where I feel like my true essence, and yet I spend a lot of my time in cities for my work and mission. I am a second generation American and the first in my immediate family to graduate from college (I put myself through school) and before I started all of my adventures I could barely run a mile, never having been considered “athletic” growing up. I’ve never let my starting point determine my end point. Hence, most of my big challenges in life have started from ground zero and taken me to places like the summit of Mt. Everest.

I use my voice and adventures to advocate for women’s rights and equality, climate change, and mental wellness.

I dedicate my work to accelerating gender equality, helping people discover and reach their full potential in life, work, and beyond, and working towards solutions that are for the collective good of people and planet.

This journey of life continues to teach me the greatest adventure we take is the one inward and that sometimes the biggest mountains we climb are those in our mind. If we can learn to tame and train our minds, infinite possibilities become available.

I’m a mountaineer, skier, traveler, yogi, meditator, reiki practitioner, and overall external and internal adventurer of the soul.

I look forward to connecting with you. Say hello or hola or learn how you can work with me!