Unleashing YOUR potential

Unleash your power within to create a life, work, and/or business you love with a holistic mind, body, spirit approach.

Life is an adventure, full of twists and turns, no doubt! It can be intimidating to navigate, stay grounded, do a 180 degree turn if needed, lead effectively through change, get your business to that next level, or finally pursue that passion project/business/career you always dreamed of. 

Georgina is here to help! She has advised CEOs, entrepreneurs, and up and coming leaders around the globe.

She is fascinated by the power of human potential. She works with clients to help bring conscious and subconscious roadblocks to the surface in order to help them reach their dreams, goals, and objectives in their business and life. Georgina brings a wide range of knowledge to the table as her career spans from founding start-ups to leading cross-functional teams and clients in Fortune 500 companies globally, and tackling some of the world’s most challenging adventures.

She firmly believes you have the ability to live your extraordinary everyday! You just have to decide and take that first step. She is here to walk beside you along the way.

* Hourly Rates start at 200. Packages available.
* Services can be provided in English and Spanish
* Services on packages include email support, templates, and additional supplemental resources
*Corporate packages with retainer options are also available for partners wishing to bring coaching offerings to their people

Her advice and compelling stories have been featured in magazines, websites and podcasts including Intel iQ, Yahoo Travel, Glamour Magazine, Huffington Post, Women's Health Magazine, Natural Health, People en Español, Latina Magazine, Positive Luxury, Climbing.com, American Latino TV, Univision-KMEX, SheExplores Podcast and On She Goes Podcast.

Work With Georgina


Georgina has worked with leading executives at Fortune 500s around the globe. She excels as a trusted advisor and coach across all management and executive levels. 

Areas of Opportunity for Coaching: 

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Goal Setting

  • Living in Balance: Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Building a Great Place to Work (Culture that Wins)

  • Women That Lead (Owning your Power as a Female Leader)

  • Leading with a holistic mind, body, spirit approach

  • Creating global and social consciousness in the workplace

  • Transforming Performance

  • Igniting the Magic in Your Team

  • Understanding Your Blocks

  • Healing From and Preventing Burn Out

  • Being an Ally



Georgina spent 7 years in Silicon Valley and was at the intersection of tech, startups, fundraising, and the gender and diversity gap in tech. She loves working with entrepreneurs to help them see their vision through.

Areas of Opportunity for Coaching: 

  • Business Plan Development

  • Vision/Mission Development

  • Fundraising Strategy (including Pitch Deck Review)

  • Living in Balance: Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Brand Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Women That Lead (Owning your Power as a Female Leader)

  • Mentorship

  • The Power of a Network

  • Understanding Your Blocks

  • Healing From and Preventing Burn Out

  • Overall Founder Support (being a founder can be extremely isolating! Takes one to know one)


Georgina has undergone several periods of personal and business transformation in her life. She loves working with individuals to shift their life in the direction of their dreams and their vision.

Areas of Opportunity for Coaching: 

  • Life 180 Transitions

  • Understanding Your Blocks

  • Healing From and Preventing Burn Out

  • Discovering Your Extraordinary Gift/s (everyone has one!)

  • Creating Your Life Vision

  • Women That Lead (Owning your Power as a Female Leader)

  • Living in Balance Mind. Body. Spirit

  • "Life" Setting... because "Goal Setting" just doesn't cut it overall

  • Creating a Life and/or Business you Love

  • Mindfulness Training for Endurance Challenges

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Negotiating the Job and Salary You Deserve



  • On a case by case basis I work with companies and organizations to develop customized retreats to meet their developmental objectives globally.

  • Retreat design, planning, facilitation, and execution.

create what you love

Georgina gave me two things I find invaluable in business; structure and hope. When I hired her as a coach I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and after working together I LOVE my new branding, have templates and goals in place, and am excited again about my business.
— Monica Ortega- Entrepreneur/Host of Travel Series Monica Goes